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    This is aimed at those of slightly more advanced years who might be considering a trip to Florida...

Alright, so we're all getting old(er)....I was 60 Feb. this year (2009).  To celebrate my birthday with me, a good mate & our wives (we're all about the same age) had 3 weeks in the villa during March.
Florida is definitely at her best (for us) during Spring an Autumn - weather usually in the 80s during the day with little rain, it does tend to get a little chilly of an evening though &, as long as the kids' school holidays are avoided, not crowded
To be honest, as homeowners, even though we visit 6-monthly the insides of Home Depot, Lowes & Wal-Mart are far more familiar to us than any of the 'tourist' attractions !
We decided to see some of the places we've never visited on any previous trip plus return to some old favorites.
As you do, we made up 2 lists: "Things done but worth repeating" & " Things never done".
Top of the first list was Discovery Cove dolphin swim - (first done in '05, admittedly a very expensive day out but very worthwhile, unique & memorable) - closely followed by Epcot - (a firm favorite, especially Springtime during the Flower & Garden Festival or Autumn during the Food & Wine Festival) - Islands of Adventure (just for it's pure fun value) & an airboat trip - (the first we did at Sarasota many years ago, followed by a second at Boggy Creek a couple of years ago).
Second list started out very much longer - there's loads of attractions we've never visited (Gatorland or any mini golf, for instance) - but they've never appealed to us & still don't....
Bearing in mind that trips had to appeal to both sexes, eventually whittled the list down to a balloon flight & a visit to Bok Tower (Fantasy of Flight was nearly there, but didn't appeal to the girls...).

I've described each trip in some detail on the next pages:-

Discovery Cove
Islands of Adventure
Bok Tower

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