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    We visit Florida on average twice a year to maintain & update our villa. Out of all the local attractions, Epcot is our favorite & our most visited park. There's always something refreshed , replaced or updated to spark our interest & the evening fireworks (Reflections of Earth) on their own make our visits worthwhile. We tend to have an evening meal in one of the countries' eateries surrounding the lake just before the fireworks.
    As an extra draw during springtime (usually March - May) Disney have the "Epcot Flower & Garden Festival" when the park has many extra exhibits dotted around the World Showcase with magnificent arrangements of flowering plants of all descriptions - some of the topiary defies description..... Many stalls are arranged selling mainly plants, decorative pots & garden accessories. Talks & seminars by experts on many different aspects of  horticulture are common & regular concerts feature "flower power" bands (mostly from the '60 & '70s) - brings back memories for us old fogies....


    'Photos from Epcot 2009 Flower & Garden Festival.

Autumn at Epcot heralds our favorite attraction: the Annual Food & Wine Festival. Usually held between the end of September & the beginning of November, the World Showcase gains many small stalls each presenting a sampler of the dishes & wines unique to the nation  - with many countries not usually represented (Russia - for instance) offering interesting tasters... Chinese ginger ice cream was a favorite with us !!
Unfortunately, our waistlines aren't improved any by 'grazing' our way around the World Showcase at that time of year...